Amir Khan Cryptically Reveals Mayweather’s May 3rd Opponent Over Twitter

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s looking like Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KO) is gonna get the fourth of Mayweather’s remaining six PPV fights. Maidana who? He’s the Argentinian guy who beat Adrien “The Problem” Bronner back in December, stealing the welterweight belt and, in effect, the chance to get some of that Floyd money.

The choice is an interesting one, as Maidana beat Khan back in 2010 and is considered somewhat of an anti-Mayweather, in that he relies less on technical skill and more on sheer will. To our ears, this sounds like a chance for a competitive fight (of which Mayweather has had 3 of in his 18 year career), with Maidana willing to absorb punches and keep things interesting in later rounds. Plus, the Bronner storyline will help with the fight’s promotion, as that decision was infamously controversial due to Maidana’s alleged illegal use of smelling salts in between rounds. A rematch had been slated for April (which we can only assume will have to wait).

Floyd Mayweather Sr. corroborates our gut reaction that the choice of the Argentinian fighter is a move towards a more entertaining main event (which could feasibly happen at the Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn).

[MLive] “I just think Maidana, because he’s going to walk forward, and he’s not really a fast guy, is an easier fight,” he said. “Khan, he seems like he comes to you kind of slow. He don’t move his head and stuff. I think that Amir Khan could be, out of both of them, the Amir Khan fight would be the most difficult one.

“I think he gets both of them but Maidana is going to be more easy to hit, though. Khan, he’ll move around. Maidana’s gonna walk right to you.”

Khan, on the other hand, seemed like the frontrunner for the May 3rd title bout all along, but is now expected to shift his sights to Manny Pacquiao.