An Ohio Golf Course Purchases Two Hovercraft Golf Carts, Negating The Need For Golf

  • Ricky Boebel


The Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio will soon be the home to two hovercraft carts. The same model that was made famous by Bubba Watson earlier this year.

The crafts cost $58,000 each and will be available on July 27th for selected events. The club’s managing director Pete Duffey told The Golf Channel:

“We wanted to be able to offer something no other course could. A way to further put Windy Knoll Golf Club on the map of public destination golf courses. It was an easy decision. When we saw them on YouTube, we said ‘We gotta have those!’”

There’s only one problem with this plan. Why would anyone play golf, if you could float around in a hovercraft all day? It’s known fact that hovercrafts are better than golf in every way possible. If this is the start of a movement to turn golf into hovercraft racing, I completely endorse it.

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