In Which Andrew Garfield, Dressed As Spider-Man, Takes Break From Filming To Play Hoops With Two Kids In Park

  • Rick Chandler

We talk a lot around here about “Spider-Man dunks” and “Spider-Man-type athletic moves”, but never before have we had the chance to write about the actual Spider-Man. So here’s Andrew Garfield, who’s in the middle of filming The Amazing Spider-Man II in New York’s Chinatown (Electro! The Rhino!), taking a break to shoot some hoops with two kids. While in full costume.

No Stan Lee cameo, but according to the YouTube uploader, Emma Stone can be seen on the side with her dog.

Knowing what I know about Garfield, this is totally true to his character. He’s the guy, remember, who sat in the audience during a San Diego Comic-Con panel prior to the first Spider-Man reboot, and began asking questions until it slowly dawned on people who he was.

Thanks to @Cartmaniak.