Photographic Proof That No One Knows How To Look Miserable During A Huge Win Like Andy Murray

  • Glenn Davis

This morning (well, this morning U.S. Eastern time), Andy Murray notched one of the biggest wins of his career, beating Roger Federer in five sets to advance to his third Australian Open final. Murray had never beaten Federer at a Grand Slam before this match, and despite a spirited performance from an occasionally-salty Federer, Murray prevailed. It’s the kind of match Murray probably wouldn’t have won even a year ago, and while Murray’s been to Australian Open finals before, the fact that he’s now able to get there in this fashion speaks to the mental improvement he’s made in his game.

Even with those improvements, though, he’s still Andy Murray. And Andy Murray is brutal on himself. The ways he contorts his face after mistakes even the best players make routinely in their best matches are straight out of a Keystone Light commercial. For the old Murray, they were signs he was about to let the match slip away from him. The new Murray stays calmer on the inside than he looks, but those faces… they’re still there, and they were out in full force against Federer. Here, we have proof. All photos via Getty:


Well, Andy, it was tough, but after much deliberation, we’re still giving the “freaking out during an eventual big win” championship to Jim Harbaugh and AW C’MON ANDY IT WAS NOTHING AGAINST YOU STOP MAKING THOSE PAINED FACES OH GOD THOSE FACES NOOOOOOOOO