Watch Ed Werder Make An Andy Reid Fat Joke, Then Trip Over His Words As He Admires His Own Handiwork

  • Dan Fogarty

Ed’s real proud of himself for this one, folks. You can tell, because after he makes his little funny about the Chiefs’ new head coach, it takes him a few beats to get his bearings. The sheer thrill of making an Andy Reid fat joke — on SportsCenter, no less — is enough to make one of ESPN’s highest-profile football reporters briefly forget what the hell it was he was talking about in the first place.

Said Werder: “Chiefs’ owner Clark Hunt and his delegation which includes GM Scott Pioli has actually left Philadelphia and returned to Kansas City without Andy Reid in-tow. Now, I don’t know if that’s because Andy Reid would put the plane over the weight limit…”

Badum. And. Ching.

My question: how much back-and-forth did Ed do in his own mind before he made this joke? Because he’s clearly excited, and one would think there was at least some sort of inner dialogue before he unleashed this fat joke on SportsCenter’s still-groggy AM viewership. But whatever, what’s messed up about this is that Andy Reid has been a giant human being ever since he was, like, 13. Remember that video CBS showed, of a hulking, barely teenaged Reid participating in a punt, pass, and kick competition? These are glandular problems we’re talking about, Ed. For shame.

Here’s his joke about Andy Reid crashing the Chiefs’ plane with his fatness.

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