Andy Roddick Lashes Out Against Tennis Analysts In Post-Match Interview

  • Timothy Burke

You’d think being married to Brooklyn Decker would mellow a man out.

Andy Roddick pulled no punches in an interview with Chris Fowler after his first-round victory at the U.S. Open, saying the job of tennis analyst is “the easiest job in the world,” one that “doesn’t take much thought.”

Roddick was responding to Fowler’s question about commentators questioning his playing style.

The former top American male tennis player slugged out a tough win over fellow Yank Michael Russell 6-2, 6-4, 4-6, 7-5, avoiding the first-round upset but looking off his game at times.

Edit: somehow, the word “former” was missing from the published version of this piece. It has been restored. Sorry, Mardy!

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