Flo Rida Gave His High School The “Gift” Of The Ugliest Football Uniforms Ever Made

  • Glenn Davis

Much was made earlier this football season about a particularly… we’ll call it striking uniform worn by Atlantic High School in Florida. Well, it seems one of the people who noticed was rapper Flo Rida. Well, Flo Rida is from Florida too (Flo Rida from Florida? What a coincidence, right?), and was so taken with these blinding neon beacons that he wanted his alma mater, Carol City High, to sport something similarly garish. So he got in touch with Futuristic Woo, the company that designed the Atlantic High duds. They went to work. And they outdid themselves:

It’s fitting that the color scheme reminds me of the fall and Thanksgiving, because these are a cornucopia of disaster. Start with the colors, which are lovely to see in autumn leaves. On football uniforms? Less so, unless you really dig what Wyoming’s doing fashion-wise and think they’d really have something going if they threw orange into the mix. Literally threw, with no regard to where it wound up and what it looked like.

But the pants. The pants. Now, perhaps this logo’s meant to be a tribute and the people for whom this tribute is intended don’t have a problem with it. If so, great. But… the feathers are all over the crotch. (Better feathers than face, though, we guess.) Is it better or worse that the design’s on the front of the pants, rather than the back? At best, a lesser of two evils situation. At worst, Carol City is going to have to fold its football team because every player would rather quit than wear these things. They’re way worse than Atlantic High’s.

Flo Rida donated these uniforms to the school. For anyone who has ever put on a happy face and pretented to be appreciative of a gift you didn’t actually want… you’ve got nothing on Carol City’s principal and athletic director right now.

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