A UFC Fighter Suffered The Most Brutal Broken Toe We’ve Ever Seen (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

  • Glenn Davis

UFC fighters are always at a pretty high risk for gruesome injury – the brutal nature of the sport makes it a relief when someone doesn’t sustain an injury, and/or if no blood is spilled. As much as danger is inherent in the fights themselves, though, sometimes, the worst injuries still come as a result of freak accidents.

Take the case of Anthony Perosh, a fighter from Australia. Perosh, according to UFC reporter Adam Ireland, will miss his next scheduled fight because of a broken toe. The origins of said broken toe are pretty mundane:

The broken toe itself, however, is anything but. It is, in fact, judging by the picture Ireland tweeted, the very worst broken toe we’ve ever seen. It’s so bad that we’re not even putting a picture in this post – just linking to it. The link is below. Before proceeding, let us be clear: do not click it if you do not like gross injury pictures. Because this is a particularly gross injury picture. Are we clear on that? Are you not scrolling down any further if you’re squeamish? Okay. Good. Because…

Click here to see Anthony Perosh’s gross broken toe.

We warned you. Get well soon, Anthony.

[h/t The Big Lead]

Photo via Getty