Anthony Weiner Accepts Joey Chestnut’s Endorsement For Mayor, Because Weiners

  • Rick Chandler

As you know, Joey Chestnut is the six-time champion of the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest (we’ll have a bigger story on that on Thursday). And Anthony Weiner is the sexting politician who is running for mayor of New York City. My only question is, what took them so long to get together?

We’re not exactly sure who is seeking publicity harder here, but the facts are these: today, Chestnut endorsed Weiner’s mayoral run. Weiner responded thusly:

“Joey Chestnut obviously has an affinity for Weiners. You don’t get to be where he is unless you do.

“I can tell you I am glad that Joey has had such great success. I don’t know if we have a commissioner of gorging yourself on processed meat in the administration, but I’m glad to have his support.”

Mr. Weiner, of course, became embroiled in controversy in 2011 when he texted a photo of his plump-n-juicy to a woman in Seattle, and the photo was subsequently released into the wild to be viewed by everyone. Her resigned from U.S. House of Representatives in June of that year.

This past May he announced that he was running for Mayor of NYC. He’s currently leading in the Marist Poll.

Has the mascot in the photo below found an extra job?