Germany Wins 1-0 In 2nd Extra Time: World Cup Final Live Feed, With Live Blog, Twitter Updates And Pope Trash Talking

  • Rick Chandler

LeBron James will be at the big World Cup title match today, but not even his star power can offset two other notable fans. We have a Pope from Argentina (Francis) and a Pope Emeritus from Germany (Bendedict XII), and pretty soon we’ll see whose prayers are answered at Maracana Stadium. There are an estimated 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, slightly more than the expected 1 billion viewers expected for today’s game in Brazil.

FIFA is trying to take down all World Cup Vines, and Univision is no longer streaming the games for free, so your only shot of catching the final will be here, at WatchESPN. You can download the app on your phone or watch live streaming on your computer — you’ll just need your cable provider information (or a friend’s, or a family member’s, or a secret lover’s, etc.).

Can the world’s best player, Lionel Messi, prevail over the world’s most organized and dangerous team, Germany? Brazil and the U.S. may be out of it, but pretty much no one can argue that the two best teams are in the final.

Follow the official #GERARG Twitter feed, and see our live blog below for whatever highlights can get through:


Turn up the Hasselhoff

* It’s over. Germany 1-0. So long and thanks for all the kicks.

* Gotze with a beauty, eh. Germany 1-0.

* Second extra time. Got to win by two, right?

* Scoreless as we head to extra time.

* Oh, Palacios.

* 82:45, and Joachim Löw is one sepia photograph from being Ken Burns.

* Where was Kroos trying to put that?

* Meanwhile, in Argentina:

* Sergio Aguero gets yellow card from ref who jogs in from WAY out in left field.

* Higuaín sent flying, is having one of those days.

* Awww. Who says Brazil and Argentina have to be enemies? Kid sitting on mom’s lap here at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.

* 0-0.

* Fans react to Germany’s near-miss.

* Howedes header draws woodwork, Mueller follow smothered, there was offsides, I think. Wow.

* Germany soo close off corner kick. 0-0.

* Yep.

* On that duplicate Earth on the other side of our Sun, Higuaín has three goals.

* Germany’s Kramer helped off the pitch. He was a last-minute substitution.

* Offsides, says the ref. Higuaín’s goal disallowed, Argentina up 0-0.

* Is it this TV, or is that a yellow-green card?

* Do’h!

* Ha. Awesome.

* Kinda get the feeling that the first goal is going to be scored on a German counter-attack. … wait, did I just type that? (Soc-cer).

* If soccer had wickets, that last pass would have went right through them.

* Late change for #GER — Khedira out, replaced by Kramer.