Arnold Palmer Began ESPN’s Coverage Of The Par 3 Contest By Teeing Off Into The Crowd

  • Eric Goldschein

Arnold Palmer: Living legend. Just maybe not the best dude to kick off live coverage of The Masters, considering how well he did on the first hole of the Par 3 Contest today.

While not, you know, the actual Masters, the Par 3 Contest is a fun little diversion for those of us who like to watch golf in the middle of the work day. It usually features legends of the game, a relaxed atmosphere, and adorable little kids swinging golf clubs. It’s all in good fun, which makes me feel bad for ragging on Arnold Palmer, he of the half-lemonade-half-iced-tea. But maybe he should have done some stretching before tee time today.

Take a look:

Thumbs up! Better luck next year, Arnold.