How To Become The Coolest Kid In Your Elementary School: Do This

  • Glenn Davis

Welcome to the latest installment in SportsGrid’s intermittent series, “How to become the coolest kid in your school.” Most of the previous updates in this series have focused on high school basketball, but today we’re going to take things down a few grade levels – all the way down to third grade, in fact. The third grader in question: Austin Worthen, out of Springfield, Colorado. The moment making Worthen the coolest kid around? That would be this:

Hitting a halfcourt shot all but guarantees you will be the coolest person around no matter what your age group, but in third grade? A shot like that is almost unthinkable. Your friends will worship you, probably talk about the shot in hushed tones for a while, and even after the initial buzz wears off, the shot will probably come up off and on throughout your formative years. Oh, and Worthen’s team apparently won the game in a blowout, too, and he and his team reacted pretty coolly, given how crazy this shot was. Coolest kid status: well-earned.

[Off the Bench]