Australian Streaker Shows MLB Field Invader How It’s Done During The Biggest Night Of Australian Sports

  • Ricky Boebel

The State of Origin Series is like the Super Bowl for many Australian sports fans. It’s insane that a chubby naked man was able to take the field on such a big stage. This would be the equivalent of a naked guy storming the court during Ray Allen’s game tying three-pointer in Game 6.

With three minutes remaining, a streaker took the field with Queensland leading 12-10. After running the full length of the 100 metre pitch, the streaker falls on his face in the middle of the action. Embarrassed secuirity guards pile on top of the streaker as Queensland plays on and scores during the distraction to further their lead. The referee sends the play to video review and the try is disallowed.

Queensland held on to win 12-10, to take the title two games to one. The State of Origin series is essentially three All-Star games in the National Rugby League competition. The teams are not decided by conference, they’re chosen by where each respective player grew up, the state of Queensland or New South Wales. The game dates back to when Australian troops played against each one another on the battlefields of World War II.

Unlike the field invader in MLB All-Star Game, there was no elaborate plee for twitter RTs from the streaker. This guy just stripped down and ruined a sporting event for a whole nation. A true role model for the children of Australia.

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