LPGA Golfer Gets Bitten By Black Widow Spider, Cuts Out Venom, Shoots A 74

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ladies, golf, and ladies’ golf just got a whole helluva lot more badass. Swedish rookie Daniela Holmqvist was whacking a ball out of the rough early in her round at the Women’s Australian Open when she was casually bitten by a black widow spider. Ya know, the one kind of spider you are aware of that kills people? That spider. On the advice of the Australian caddies milling about the course, Daniela proceeded to take a tee, cut open the affected area, remove the “clear fluid”, and finish the round. Then, I’ll assume, she hit her next shot into a barrel of nitroglycerin, punched a crocodile in the throat, lit a cigarette, looked into the camera and said something like “Welcome to the LPGA.”

What’s awesome about this story is that she finished her round and almost qualified with a 74. That’s like Michael Phelps being attacked by Piranhas and still getting bronze. What’s more awesome about this story, is that it comes on a day when Rays reliever Joel Peralta injured himself eating a sandwich, although I’m sure he bravely wiped the mayonnaise off and soldier on through his bag of chips. Check out her tweet. Hilarious:

Daniela, you are the Chuck Norris of the LPGA. Rock on.

[via HuffPost Sports, photo via]