Watch A Baboon Run Around A Golf Course And Steal Food Like It Owns The Place

  • Glenn Davis

When I heard about a baboon running onto the course at the Nedbank* Golf Challenge in South Africa and running off with some pilfered food just as quickly…

…I thought of another recent animal golf course invasion. While the baboon didn’t actually interfere with anyone’s round (indeed, it looked like the only person in the area was the one working the camera), it got me thinking: how many people would watch a gold tournament in which (safe) animals were intentionally released onto the course to screw with play? There has to be a market for that, right? I’m not saying do it at majors, but if beach tennis can be a thing, I’m confident animal obstacle golf can find a niche too.

Also: this photo was taken at a golf tournament in South Africa last year. Baboons must really love their golf.

*Do you think Nedbank employees are constantly worried that a couple cool kids will walk in and one of them is gonna be all, “Nedbank? More like Nerdbank!” and then they high five and walk right out? Uh, yeah, I don’t think so either.