High Schooler Sets World Record For Consecutive Back Handsprings, Makes You Feel Inferior

  • Glenn Davis

There’s just not a whole lot to add here except that 35 back handsprings in a row is a whole lot of back handsprings. More than anyone had ever been recorded doing… before Friday night. Because on Friday night, Miranda Ferguson, a junior cheerleader who attends Hockaday School in Texas, back-handsprung from the 15-yard line to the opposite 15. 70 yards covered, 35 back handsprings performed, one Guinness world record attained, many amazed internet onlookers witnessing:

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

The thing that especially blows me away here: the story linked in the previous paragraph mentions that last year at a game, Ferguson did 20. In one year she nearly doubled an already-impressive total to a world-record level? That might be even more impressive than the record itself. Ok, no, doing 35 consecutive back handsprings is probably still the most impressive part of this. And Ferguson’s only 16? She might be able to break her own record next year. Welcome to the flipside of world-record-setting, Miranda: impossible follow-up expectations.

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