Bad Idea Jeans? All People Wanted To Talk About After Nik Wallenda’s Grand Canyon Tightrope Walk Was His Bell Bottoms

  • Rick Chandler

Walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, without a tether or safety net? Impressive. Yep, we want to watch that. Nik Wallenda’s daredevil stunt on Sunday drew a 5.1 overnight TV rating: which jumped to 7.1 over the last 30 minutes, according to Sports Business Journal.

It took Wallenda 22 minutes and 54 seconds to walk the 1,400 feet across, without a tether or safety net, in the live broadcast. He was the first person to ever do it.

Wallenda could be heard praying almost constantly during the walk, murmuring “Thank you, Jesus.” He kissed the ground when he reached the other side.

“It took every bit of me to stay focused that entire time,” Wallenda said. “My arms are aching like you wouldn’t believe.”

But what was everyone talking about when he reached the other side? His jeans.