More Bad Ways To Play Defense: Not Defending The Goal At All

  • Eric Goldschein

Yesterday we saw an example of bad defense at the highest level of soccer-dom: Gerard Pique of Barcelona kicking the ball straight into his own net. Today, on a less prestigious level (the Serbian Super Liga), we were given another example of bad defense. It was, in essence, the absence of defense. Video after the jump.

We won’t pretend you are a Serbian soccer expert: The team on offense here is called Jagodina, and Crvena Zvezda is defending their goal. Well, at least most of the team was. The goalie was only interested in getting a good look at this free kick as it sailed right past him — into the net.

Take a look:

Crvena Zvezda is first place in the Super Liga, so things like this likely don’t happen often. But as first impressions go, we’re unimpressed with Serbian soccer. Not letting the ball go into the net is rule number one, after all.