Let’s Spy On President Barack Obama As He Fills Out His NCAA Tournament Bracket

  • Eric Goldschein

Psst — over here. We’ve got some video of Barack Obama filling out his March Madness bracket. Filling out a bracket is something normally done in private, but we were able to review an uncensored document in this clip that shows Obama picking Florida, Michigan State, Louisville and Arizona in his Final Four. Want to see it?

Clearly, Obama has been reviewing the selections of some ESPN experts. But as president, he has to do that, to keep the country safe. You understand, don’t you? Would you rather be safe and Obama knows about your bracket or the opposite of that? Thought so.

For the record, his upsets in the earlier rounds: Harvard over Cincinnati, North Dakota State over Oklahoma, North Carolina over Iowa State to reach the Sweet 16.

NOW: How do his picks stack up against the American people’s? How about against Vegas?

(Thanks to ESPN for somehow procuring this top-secret footage. They’re the Edward Snowden of sports.)