Barcelona’s Jordi Alba Invents Faceball, With Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben The Recipient

  • Rick Chandler

OK first, this happened to me every day during recess from second through fifth grade, sometimes more than once. It was called dodgeball, and I was what they would term today as “dodge challenged.” And I turned out fine! (uncontrollable eye twitch).

If you’re like me, you know that Bayern Munich upset Barcelona, 4-0, in a Champions League semifinal first leg on Monday. Thomas Mueller had two goals and an assist, but better yet (to him), he was able to clobber Barcelona’s Jordi Alba during a play, which ended in a goal by Arjen Robben.

But Alba would seek his revenge by throwing the ball in Robben’s face.

Now Alba is suspended, and Barco is a longshot to advance.

It didn’t look like the ball hit him that hard, but the reaction was as if the ball were filled with hard cheese. Gotta get the ref’s attention.

All in all — not smart by Alba. Check out his reaction. You know what you did!

Here’s a GIF for your viewing pleasure.