This BASE Jumper Packed His Parachute Backwards And Survived A 450-Foot Fall

  • Eric Goldschein

How not to go BASE jumping: jump from a 600-foot cliff with your parachute on backwards. Sam Baker followed these directions to perfection, and after slamming into the cliff face and falling hundreds of feet, the Arizona man only injured his ankle. A credit to man’s resiliency against the forces of the universe, or really, really bad mistake?

After two other buddies jumped from a cliff in the Superstition Mountains, Baker took his fateful turn, which ended with the parachute, packed backwards, deploying and sending him face first into the cliff. But somehow, the wind carried him and lodged his body into a crevasse about 150 feet from the bottom of the canyon. He would have fallen to his death otherwise.

Instead, Baker sustained a minor ankle injury and had to wait four hours for a rescue team to come grab him from the ledge. Really, that’s all that happened to him.

Here’s video from ABC News of the rescue taking place, while Baker waits below.

In conclusion, this man get to live on and perhaps contribute further to the human gene pool, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.

[h/t Business Insider]