BEEF COURSE: Sergio Garcia Blames Tiger For Disrupting His Back Swing

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods are close…on the leader board. Not as friends. In fact, they aren’t even on speaking terms. And after this little incident Saturday, it would appear that they actively try to sabotage each other’s rounds at the Player’s Championship.

Well, Tiger tries. Sergio just fiddles with his grip.

At least according to Sergio Garcia, who hinted that Tiger purposely drew his fairway wood from his bag, knowing full well it’d cause the gallery to go nuts — in the middle of Sergio’s backswing. “You do have a feel when the other guy is going to hit,” he said, implying that Tiger knew exactly what he was doing.

When asked about the incident, Tiger gave a short, if not telling response. “Not real surprising that he’s complaining about something,” he told reporters.

He might as well have winked.

Not to read too much into the whole feud, but Tiger loves winning more than he loves aging pornstars. Given his track record and that insatiable need to be the best — it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Tiger purposely uses his fervant fan base to gain an advantage against guys he doesn’t like. Would he do this versus Rory McIlroy? Probably not because they’re NIKE buds.

But he would text Rory lewd challenges.

Sergio’s response to Tiger’s insinuation that he’s a whiney-poo-poo-head was particularly meta. “At least I’m true to myself,” he said. “I know what I’m doing, and he can do whatever he wants.” Like, sleep with aging pornstars? Or indirectly distract you?

Either way, Tiger can do what he wants whether Sergio allows it or not. Remember? Winning takes care of everything.

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