Before Attempting To Kill His UFC 167 Opponent, Johny Hendricks Nerds Out At A Comic Book Store

  • Eric Goldschein

UFC 167 is this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The welterfight title fight between Johny Hendricks Georges St. Pierre will commemorate UFC’s 20th anniversary, and we’re expecting the underdog Hendricks to put up a good fight against GSP, if only because of this fantastic quote:

My mind is to kill him. I mean not in that sense, but it’s to beat him, to demolish him. I want to win where he doesn’t want to fight me again. That’s the way I go into every fight. This fight is no different than any other. He’s done a lot of things, but that doesn’t matter. When he steps into the Octagon with me, the past is the past, and I plan on making a new future.

You might expect Hendricks to be some kind of crazy person — and you have to be at least a little crazy to be an MMA fighter — but based on the video, via The Shift, below, he’s a normal guy: someone who likes comic books, anime, and playing “tea party” with his daughter.

Watch, via Fight Network:

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