Begun, The Hippo-Crocodile War Has

  • Rick Chandler

Crocodiles have been having a rough go of it lately: if they’re not being swallowed by snakes, they’re being mugged by jaguars (kitty wants a new pair of shoes). Now hippos are getting all up in their grill, and the crocs are getting fed up. Their new strategy? Hang out in large gangs.

What’s the word for a group of crocodiles, anyway?

Not exactly sports, but come on: it’s dozens of hippos vs. about a hundred crocodiles. They’re going to rumble! Who ya got?

It happened at South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, where apparently the crocs gathered around the carcass of a dead hippo. Friends of the deceased didn’t care for this, and mounted a mass attack. But the crocs counter-attacked, and reportedly won the day with superior numbers.

Photos by wildlife photographer Marc Mol.

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