Our Favorite Crazy Foreign Teen Tennis Sensation Asks Umpire To Remove His Dad From The Stands

  • Dan Fogarty

Bernie Tomic is a favorite around these parts. It might be because he’s only 19, and the best tennis player in Australia. It might be because of his gorgeous girlfriend. It might also be because he shows potential as a truly great crazy foreign athlete, since he was involved in a bizarre police standoff  in January in which he was ticketed twice by police, told to pull over, locked himself in his house, then accused an officer of trying to hit him. We think it’s some combination of the second and third ones.

During a loss on Saturday to David Ferrer, young Bernie added to his collection of interesting moments when he asked the chair umpire to remove his overbearing father, John, from the stands.

“He’s annoying. I know he’s my father, but he’s annoying me,” Tomic told chair umpire Cedric Mourier. Fast forward to the 1:35 mark in this video to see it.

No action was taken against his father (who is also Bernie’s coach). The elder Tomic could be seen from the stands shaking his head in disgust throughout the match.

Afterwards, Tomic tried to downplay the incident, saying the conversation with the umpire was about racquet strings, not his domineering father. Even though he could be heard saying, “If you see him, tell him to be quiet,” which doesn’t sound like something someone says when they’re talking about a racquet.

And since trying to play off controversial actions with obvious lies is a strategy of any truly great crazy foreign athlete, and because asking for your dad to be ejected from somewhere is just plain awesome, we’re liking Tomic’s potential now more than ever.

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