Best Baseball Catch Of The Weekend? It Was Made By A Seven-Year-Old

  • Rick Chandler

The first thing you should know about Nathan Lewis is that he doesn’t skimp on the eye black. That’s a generous application of grease right there:

That photo is from his second amazing catch of the weekend. The first one, as seen in the video above, came on Saturday in the West Coast Shetland World Series in San Marcos, CA. (Shetland is roughly the equivalent of Little League T-Ball).

Nathan plays for the Irvine All-Stars, and on Saturday the opponent was East Long Beach. That catch ended the fourth inning.

Then on Sunday, he did it again:

He’ll have about 16 years to work on his interviewing skills before he reaches the majors.

Dodgers chairs? Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez approves.