And Now It’s Time To Watch The Best Goals From The 2011-2012 Soccer Season

  • Dylan Murphy

I cautiously consider myself a soccer fan. Not of the rabid kind – he of the snowball pelters – but an enthusiast on the game’s outer viewership circle. I’m somewhere in that nebulous in-between, but closer to Dickie V than John Hollinger. And it’s that same unsophisticated euphoria that coerces my endless YouTube trips, scrolling through highlight after highlight.

And with that, I bring you this:

There’s just something exceptionally mesmerizing, but familiar, about great soccer plays. The players themselves are strikingly normal, for the most part. Not particularly gargantuan, like NFLers, or tall, like NBAers, or Canadian, like NHLers. Most are of relatively average height and weight, just with exceptionally nimble feet. Hopefully you can enjoy these almost-ten minutes of skill as I did, although I might recommend silencing the audio – it’s not exactly pleasant (for me, at least).

[101 Great Goals, h/t Cosby Sweaters]