Bikini Basketball League Promises To Further Marginalize Women’s Sports

  • Timothy Burke

On the heels of the Lingerie Football League’s success comes another “athletic” association that focuses more on objectification than fundamentals. The Canada-based “Bikini Basketball Entertainment” has a website, Facebook, and a ridiculously suggestive logo.

It also has a horde of critics who say it’s degrading and marginalizes the real gains made in women’s sports — especially basketball.

McMaster University kinesiology professor Kathleen Martin Ginis:

To do this, I think, really minimizes what women had to go through to legitimize their role in mainstream sport. It’s also something you’d never see on the other side of the gender coin […] Men would see it as degrading. Imagine if we had men’s thong football. It would just be silly.

The BBE league kicks off Wednesday in Houston with an online pay-per-view promising “bikini photo shoots, interviews, tips on fitness, promo updates, basketball games, events, personal appearances, and much more” — in case you were concerned that basketball might have too prominent a role in the Bikini Basketball Entertainment association.

But what if the competitors really can hoop it up, and just happen to be doing it in swimwear?

Let’s go to the videotape:

Okay then. It’s soft-core porn on a basketball court.