Bill Murray Does Bill Murray Things During Rain Delay, Delights Minor League Crowd

  • Glenn Davis

Bill Murray is a part-owner of the Charleston RiverDogs, a single-A Yankees affiliate. This is important because it means that, when Bill Murray attends a RiverDogs game, he can basically do whatever he wants. When Bill Murray does whatever he wants, wacky things happen.

Keep in mind: it’s a minor league game, and minor league teams will do just about anything for entertainment value. And if that game is in a rain delay and the crowd is bored, thereby giving Bill Murray a perfect excuse to do whatever wacky thing he feels like to keep fans entertained? Well…

And of course he can go right into the RiverDogs’ dugout when he’s done putting on his little show. Perk of being the (kind of) boss. Sadly, we don’t think this “wacky rain delay owner stunt” thing will catch on at the major league level. Hard to imagine, say, John Henry doing this, no?