This Shot Will Probably Make You Wish You Watched More Doubles Tennis

  • Glenn Davis

If you’re like me, you’re a close follower of major tennis tournaments, but don’t pay that much attention to doubles. Sure, you know who, say, the Bryan brothers are, but you’re not anticipating their matches the way you might look forward to, say, a Djokovic-Federer showdown. One of the things that makes tennis so compelling, after all, is the one-on-one aspect, the way one person has to find the will to win entirely within themselves… not to mention cover all that ground. It makes what they’re doing, both physically and mentally, all the more spectacular.

But lest you think mind-bending tennis is entirely the province of the singles draw, allow those Bryan brothers I mentioned in the last paragraph to show you a thing or two. They advanced in the doubles bracket with a 6-7(6), 7-6(5), 6-3 win, but were in danger of bowing out earlier than expected during the second set tiebreak. And then, the Bob half of the Bryans went to work:

And with that, Bryan provided about the closest possible doubles approximation to what Roger Federer did to Novak Djokovic over the last two points of their U.S. Open semifinal in 2009. Yeah, it’ll never look as amazing as Federer’s display, since the court’s more crowded, they have teammates, etc., but it’s possible no player – singles or doubles – will produce a more eye-popping sequence during this year’s tournament. The Bryan Bros., it’s safe to say, fully earned that chest bump.