Asshole Bobby Valentine Wants Randy Levine To Present A Photo Of A Yankee At A Sept. 11 Funeral

  • Eric Goldschein

bobby valentineAmong the myriad of 9/11-related fails in the sports world yesterday stood Bobby Valentine, former Mets manager and we want to say professional asshole but current Sacred Heart athletic director, making sure Americans knew the truth about Sept. 11, 2001. Namely, that the Mets were there to provide emotional support for the city of New York, while the Yankees sat in their suburban estates and did nothing.

Even if that charge was remotely true — which it isn’t — bringing it up at all was in poor taste, to say nothing of finishing the speech with the words “This isn’t about credit, guys.” Even Yankees president Randy Levine got involved, calling the comments “very sad” and refuting them altogether.

So what did Valentine do when given the chance to make amends on NBC Sports Radio today? Make it worse:

Transcript (emphasis added):

“It was an emotional day. I don’t know if I was trying to take credit for the team. I was trying to make a fact. After 12 years of hearing what was done and hearing it reported incorrectly, I just thought I’d state for the record that there weren’t any Yankees out there that week. And if there were, Mr. Levine could just come up with a photograph of someone who was at a funeral or someone’s house. All I remember is people asking for the Yankees and me making excuses for them not being there.”

That’s right, Randy Levine. Why don’t you show Bobby Valentine some photographs of people at a funeral, so we can settle this. After all, it’s apparently all Bobby can remember about September 2001 — not 9/11 itself, or the way the city came together, or the emotional lift that his players brought to those in a time of need.

All the goodwill that Valentine may have built up during his time with the Mets is disappearing fast. It’s not easy making the “Evil Empire” the good guy, but if anyone can do it, it’s a dickhead like Bobby.

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