Bomani Jones Is Super Impressed With The Dunking Abilities Of This White Dude From The NAIA

  • Eric Goldschein

espn bomani jonesThe National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics held its very first dunk contest this weekend, and Taylor Inman of Southwestern Christian took home first place thanks to some spectacular dunks. Obviously Mr. Inman is an excellent athlete, if not exactly a “great” basketball player, because “great” young basketball players get recruited by Kentucky and Duke and/or go to Italy.

So we understand why Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard of “Highly Questionable” were impressed and somewhat perplexed by how good this guy is. Jones in particular can barely contain his excitement during the highlights, as seen below:

We get it — white people, generally speaking, are not as skilled at dunking and other basketball-related skills as black people. And if this guy is on an NAIA team, it’s most likely because of his athleticism and not his other attributes. But that’s probably true of anyone who plays for Southwestern Christian, white or black or any other color.

On a related note, I learned a valuable lesson last week when I tweeted out that the crazy Mercer post-game dance was a “white boy” thing. In my ignorance I did not know that this was in fact the Nae Nae, a dance “made up by blacks.” It’s becoming increasingly clear that trying to qualify one thing or another as “black” or “white” is ridiculous and leaves you open to backlash. Not that Jones cares.

Inman, for his part, seems fine with it: