Watch Borussia Dortmund’s Beautiful Passing Lead To An Early Go-Ahead Goal Against Real Madrid [Update: More Goals!]

  • Eric Goldschein

If you’re like most Americans, you have very little knowledge of soccer, and that knowledge certainly doesn’t extend to German squad Borussia Dortmund. After watching them pass it around and eventually score on an outstanding cross in just the 8th minute of today’s Champions League semifinal, you won’t be forgetting Dortmund anytime soon.

This relatively unknown team is an underdog against behemoth Real Madrid, but the underdog is up 1-0 early in this first leg. Fantastic finish by Robert Lewandowski, poking his foot in there.

[Update: Cristiano Ronaldo equalized in the 43rd minute with an easy goal, thereby diminishing the importance of the goal above. Oh well.]

[Another Update: If you liked Lewandowski before, you’re gonna love him now: he ended up with four (4!) goals on the day, leading Dortmund to the 4-1 victory. Below: All five goals from the match, via 101 Great Goals. The first goal is still the best, but Lewandoswki’s third is also impressive.]