Bow Before The New Fastest Man On All Fours

  • Joe Levine

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new Guinness World record for running 100 meters on all fours. Yes, that is an actual thing.

The record now belongs to Kenichi Ito of Japan, who ran the 100 meters in 17.47 seconds, or almost double the amount of time it would have taken to do it normal. But whatever, this is more of a weird world record thing than something Ito actually does…

Or not. Ito has been perfecting his technique, which is based on the African Patas monkey, for nine years. NINE. YEARS. This is not just a hobby. This is a lifestyle choice.

Well, at least Ito’s hard work has paid off, I guess. Watch his record-breaking run and truly see what cannot be unseen:

Patrick Ewing

[Guardian UK]