Bowler Denied By Machine On The Verge Of Perfect Game — A Nation Is Outraged

  • Ricky Boebel

Bowling has long been overshadowed by “real sports,” but today that changes. At a charity bowling tournament in Houston, bowler Troy Walker approaches the lane, just one strike away from a perfect game. We join our commentary team of Mike Flanagan and Robert McBride at this crucial moment.

(Warning: the video is titled “Horrific Bowling Accident!” So click at your own risk.)

After the bar came down to deny the final strike, I would have bet anything he was going to blow the perfect game. Human beings just don’t come back from that sort of heartbreak. In the post-bowl interview, the bowler nobly blames himself for the mechanical error, stating he should of waited longer.

This is easily the most outraged I’ve ever seen a bowling crowd. They are ready to burn this alley down. Thankfully the commentary team kept it together with the exception of a “Holy Cow,” which hasn’t been said since 1997.

You have to admire the broadcaster’s decision to put “#insidebowling” graphic in the corner. It shows enough of an awareness of social media to put the hashtag on the screen, but an unawareness of their audience, who are almost certainly not Twitter users. Now that the video is going viral maybe #insidebowling could actually start trending, which would officially mark August 8th, 2013 as the slowest news day ever.

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