Brazilian Government Finds It Necessary To Remind World Cup Tourists That Child Prostitution Is Illegal

  • Rick Chandler

Of all the shame, sadness and wackiness that is Brazil’s preparation for the World Cup, nothing turns the stomach quite like this. So the Brazilian government has issued a warning to tourists that child prostitution is illegal. So when you see a lot of child prostitutes on the street, and you will, just keep walking mister. The Daily Mail ruins our day:

Up to half a million children as young as 11 are abused with the consent of their families, and pimped out to tourists or truck drivers.

The country’s government has launched a new drive to remind visitors that child prostitution is illegal — but tourists are in fact rarely prosecuted for having sex with minors.

But it’s not just Brazil. The horrible truth his that the World Cup causes an increase in child prostitution wherever it happens to be held: according to a report by CBS News, child exploitation grew between 30 and 40 percent at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and 2010 in South Africa. It’s expected to spike again, perhaps more dramatically, in Brazil.

There were estimated to be as many as half a million child sex workers in Brazil i n 2012, according to National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labor.

And so once again an international event meant to showcase a nation’s greatest features instead shines a light on all of its flaws. This could actually be a good thing, depending on what happens when the Cup, and the Olympics, are over. Are we going to see real reform, or business as usual?