Brazilian Soccer Player Scores First Career Goal, Sprains Knee On Ensuing Celebratory Backflip

  • Zach Berger

19-year old Brazilian soccer player Maurides scored his first career goal as a member of Internacional yesterday in a third-round match of the Copa do Brasil (the Brazil Cup) against America MG. He decided to follow up his landmark goal with a little celebration: a cart-wheel into a backflip. It was less successful than the goal. Here’s the video:

Fortunately, Yahoo! reports that is was just a minor knee sprain and won’t keep Maurides out for a long period of time, but it looked pretty nasty on the landing nonetheless. Something tells me that he will limit his celebration to a light jog, a smile, and a wave to the crowd after his second career goal. I’ll even go as far as to say that doing a quick airplane would be alright, but it’s a risky move with all that tilting left and right.