BALL BREAKING NEWS: Bills Simmons Gets Roasted By Kimmel

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ok, we get it. Grantland founder Bill Simmons is a legitimate kingmaker — in television and elsewhere. After a rumored connection with Magic Johnson and Mike Wilbon getting kicked off the “NBA Countdown” program, it became clearer that B.S. held a lot more sway at ESPN than one would assume. He went from being a basketball nerd to their defacto voice. That’s a pretty damn big role — and it seemed like something his former employer, Jimmy Kimmel, wanted to break his balls about.

Not to parse words here, but even the introduction was a jab. “One of my next guests has played in over 900 NBA games, the other has watched even more games than that.” Clearly sarcastic, but the tone of the interview didn’t really change for a uncomfortable amount of time — which made things palpably awkward. Honestly, there wasn’t a particular funny moment that broke the tension until Kimmel turned Simmons face bright red by bringing up how bad a parent he is (the funny story in part two).

Either way, it’s entertaining to see the two go at it, because this interview definitely had some “SNAP!” inducing moments. (Notably: The part where Kimmel tries to tell Jalen about how much Bill talks about him.)

It lightens up in part 2. (Best part: Kimmel brings up how Simmons ordered his kid to leave the room because he was “bad luck.”)