British Comedian Tries To Board Plane With England's World Cup Team

  • Rick Chandler

Comedian Simon Brodkin is apparently known across the lake as someone who adopts the persona of a fake English soccer player and tries to blend in with different teams. Once he tried to get into a game at Wembley Stadium. Today, it was this: trying to board a jet to Miami with England’s World Cup team.

He was spotted by team captain Steve Gerrard, and promptly hauled off to The Old Bailey. I have no idea if that’s where he was taken: I just love typing The Old Bailey.

The team was headed to Miami for the beginning of training camp, where they will play friendlies vs. Ecuador and Honduras.

Brodkin’s last attempt to mingle with players as Bent ended with his arrest at Goodison Park in March 2013 when he joined a Manchester City warm-up routine while wearing the team’s full kit before their Premier League match with Everton.

Not funny because of, you know, terrorism and stuff.