British Cycling Team Unveils New Fishnet ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Uniform That They Are Actually Going To Wear

  • Jake O'Donnell

Team Sky’s Chris Froome knows that, in order to win the Tour de France, a cyclist must leave no stone unturned. Including the stone labeled “aerodynamic fishnet onesie.”

Go ahead, turn that stone. TURN IT!

Though we’re exceedingly happy that cycling apparel designer Rapha chose an opaque fabric for the rider’s “bone zone,” we’re not exactly thrilled to see a sexual revolution in the sport of professional bicycle racing. Whatever happened to the days of steroids being the desired advantage in endurance sports? Kinda makes one nostaglic for the juicing era, doesn’t it? Froome, who is the defending Tour de France winner, posted this tweet two days ago, modeling the new gear THAT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD WE EVER WEAR UNLESS MAYBE YOU HAVE IT IN A MEN’S MEDIUM.

Fitting room’s over there? Great, thanks. (Don’t tell anyone about this, please.)