You May Never See A More Brutal Women’s MMA Title Fight Than This One

  • Eric Goldschein

MMA Strikeforce has a new women’s bantamweight champion as of last night, because Ronda Rousey pretty much destroyed the arm of defending champ Miesha Tate in the first round. Only watch this video if you want to see beautiful women doing horrible things.

Rousey, whose specialty is the armbar, put Tate through a couple of excruciating holds in the first round before getting a submission at the 4:36 mark.

We hope Tate wasn’t going to be using that arm anytime soon. Because that thing looks a little stretched out of shape. A little worse for the wear. A little bit broken by an Olympian MMA fighter. Here’s to hoping there was some Advil on hand afterwards.

[h/t The Big Lead]