Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart Does Not Appear To Be A Belated April Fool’s Joke, And Better Not Be

  • Glenn Davis

Just like you’ve probably been, we’ve been on high alert for joke stories these last couple days, being April Fool’s Day time and all. So when we see something about a prominent golfer using a hovercraft to glide around the course, our first instinct is to say, “Wait…really?” (Well, actually, that’s a lie. Our first instinct was to say, “Holy crap, awesome!” and then think, “Wait a second… this is so cool that it beter be real and if it’s not, there’ll be hell to pay.”) We weren’t alone in our skepticism.

But outlet after outlet not only wrote about Bubba Watson’s new hovercraft golf cart, but went out of their way to allay the understandable suspicions that this might all be a prank. Not only does the video itself do a convincing job of showing us that the golf cart was constructed on the foundation of an actual hovercraft, but the hovercraft expert with whom Watson consulted? He’s the real deal. So, secure in the knowledge that this is a real thing that exists (if not something we’d expect to see in very wide use anytime soon), behold: Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart.

“They’re gonna just want to drive the hovercraft, and not play golf.” Bubba, you have no idea how right you are.