After Winning The Masters, Bubba Watson Left The Chairman Of Augusta National Hanging

  • Glenn Davis

When Bubba Watson defeated Louis Oosthuizen in a playoff to win the Masters yesterday, it was an emotional scene as the deeply religious Watson celebrated with his caddie and family on Easter Sunday. Watson’s been through a whirlwind recently – he and his wife just recently adopted a child, and he pretty plainly wore that whirlwind on his face in the aftermath of his triumph yesterday. For all the joy involved, it was also pretty heavy. Fortunately, later on, as Watson was being awarded the green jacket by last year’s champion Charl Schwartzel, this happened:

Nothing like the ol’ missed handshake to lighten up the proceedings. Not that they were lightened up intentionally, mind you: we’re with SB Nation. This was a minor, accidental mistake. And if anyone out there really wants to believe that Watson was trying to gently stick it to the power structure at Augusta National (which would have been… kind of awesome, actually), let us just show you this and say: yeah, probably not.

Video by CJ Fogler.