Bubba Watson Does Bubba Watson Thing, Delights Masses

  • Glenn Davis

Bubba Watson was already a known commodity in the golf world, but after winning the Masters in April, he reached a new level of recognition among casual followers of the sport – and thanks to various quirks like how he owns the General Lee car from The Dukes of Hazzard and makes wacky videos with other golfers, fans liked what they saw.

Obviously the attention surrounding Watson has died down a bit since his big win, but if you had any doubt that Bubba is still being Bubba, allow us to assuage your fears with the clip below. It happened during the Barclays tournament last week (where Watson finished tied for 10th), but comes to our attention now via Devil Ball Golf. Watson found himself in the area while the Golf Channel’s Alex Miceli was on the air, and decided to leave his mark on things:

Well, it worked: the first time watching, I didn’t hear a single word Miceli said. Poor Miceli – that ‘stache deserves so much better than to get upstaged like that.

[Eye on Golf via Devil Ball Golf]