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Guy Sets Record With 18.1-Second-Long Burp, Wins First-Ever World Burping Championship

  • Evan Sporer

We know chicks dig the long ball. But do chicks also dig the long burp?

Last week, Tim Janus became the first-ever world champion of burping, and also set a world record for longest burp. Janus belted out an 18.1-second monster belch to win the cut-throat competition and beat out what I’m sure was a field of lethal competition.

…Oh wait, there were like two guys clapping in the background.

I’ve got to give Janus credit for being the best at something in the world. I’m certainly not the best at writing humorous articles making fun of burpers. But here’s my question. I don’t know if Tim Janus is married or dating. I don’t know if the same can be said about the other guys in the competition. But what exactly do you tell a potential spouse your profession is when you meet her? “Oh yeah, I’m actually a professional burper.” Like, if I ever used that line on a girl, it would be a part of a bad pickup line, followed by a forced-out burp, followed by a drink poured on me.

Video of the record-breaking burp:

[Via Barstool Sports]