Businessman Who Paid $15,000 To Play In British Pro Soccer Match Knocked Out After Nine Minutes With Groin Pull

  • Rick Chandler

Macclesfield Town, a cash-strapped Conference Premier soccer team from England, thought it could make some quick cash by offering the first-ever pay-for-play roster spot. For $31,000, said the team, any bloke off the street could come on down and play in a real conference game (your move, NHL).

But when word got out, conference officials put the kibosh on that. So the team downsized the offer: $15,000 to play in a pre-season game.

Macclesfield Town fan James Gorfin, 40, paid up and worked out for a week with the team leading up to its friendly on Saturday with Stoke City. And …

Gorfin played nine minutes before leaving the field with a groin injury.

That comes to about $1,670 per minute of playing time.

Macclesfield Express:

“I pulled my groin during training on Friday,” Gorfin admitted.

“If it had just been a five-a-side with my mates I wouldn’t have played but I wanted to have a go. I think a little bit of me had been trying to show that I could handle myself among these players.”

Photo: via Who Ate All The Pies.