Why Didn’t Anyone Want To Buy Barry Bonds’ Outrageous Beverly Hills Mansion? Probably Because It Cost $25 Million

  • Eric Goldschein

barry bonds mansionWe’re going to assume the $25 million asking price is the reason nobody bit on Barry Bonds’ sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills for the past 11 months. It’s not like the next owner will also see his balls shrink to hilariously small proportions, right?

I kid the former MLB great. In any case, Bonds lowered the price of his home — which he bought for $8.7 million back in 2002 — by $1.5 million. No sign yet of whether this will entice prospective buyers, since we just saw Michael Jordan’s home go up for auction after a series of massive price cuts as well. But, all things considered, this is a pretty sweet pad.

Some details, in case you’ve got $23.5 million on hand, via realtor.com:

Beyond its sheer size — Bonds expanded the compound-estate by 5,500 square feet after buying it — the Hall of Fame property is flush in the finer things of life.

Looking right at home on its 1.85 acres, the seven-bedroom, 13-bathroom manse comes complete with “smart home” technology, allowing a person to control a number of functions from the touch of an iPad or iPhone (probably Android devices, too).

Venetian plaster and custom moldings are abundant, and vaulted ceilings give parts of the home a cathedral-like feel. Limestone and Italian travertine flooring throughout ensure your feet touch only the finest materials.

Amenities include custom fish tanks, a full gym, a basketball/tennis court, in-home movie theater, one of those crazy showers with seats in it, a six car garage and more. Is that enough to warrant a $23 million+ purchase? You be the judge. Check it out:


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