The Inspiring Story Of Caleb Smith, The Limbless High School Wrestler

  • Joe Levine

St. Paul Minnesota high schooler Caleb Smith recently won his first wrestling bout. That in and of itself is not newsworthy. What makes this story unique is that Smith is missing his arms and legs, yet still wrestles against teens who have all of their limbs.

Smith lost the lower halves of his arms and legs when he was three years old after contracting a rare meningitis blood disorder that caused his blood vessels to burn, forcing doctors to amputating the affected areas.

Despite his handicap, Smith took an interest in wrestling starting in fifth grade. Now in high school, he weighs a mere 120 pounds, but is still able keep up with his opponents thanks to his deceptive strength.

Watch Caleb’s inspiring story below via CBS Minnesota:

Such an inspiring story and a reminder that where there’s a will, there truly is a way.