Looking At The Paycheck Receipt Of Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez Will Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

  • Dylan Murphy

That professional athletes make money isn’t new knowledge, but somehow seeing it validated on a piece of paper makes it all the more real and depressing. Here we have the recepit of Carlos Tevez of Manchester City’s paycheck, which apparently leaked on Twitter over the weekend.

How are why this happened is not our concern, nor do we care that it’s from 2010. As Dirty Tackle points out, a photoshop is unlikely. Because some guys just enjoy boasting about their wealth.

Anyway, things of note from his wages: Tevez paid nearly £3.2m in taxes in the fiscal year of 2010, and took home £408,397.27 net pay of the £720,287 gross pay received for this one paycheck. Basically what we’re saying is that he makes a ton of money. He was also afforded £20,000 in accomodations money, because apparently Manchester is really expensive.

[@Jamie_Ellis2025, via Dirty Tackle]