Carly Rae Jepsen Offered Up A New Entry Into The “Worst Ceremonial First Pitch” Annals

  • Glenn Davis

I laid it right out for you, pop star Carly Rae Jepsen. Right in that post about Bill Nye’s first pitch at the Mariners game yesterday. There were guides to the physics of pitching right there. ALL you had to do was follow the guidelines on creating maximum force with your windup and pitching motion based on physical principles that govern our every interaction with the world around us. Hell, you could have just watched Nye’s pitch and emulated him; he did pretty well.

But noooooooo. You were too good for those guides, weren’t you, Carly Rae? You just had to ignore them, and instead sit at home and concentrate on crafting a single that would make everyone forget about “Call Me Maybe” once and for all, or whatever you were doing. “First pitch? I can do a first pitch in my sleep,” you thought. Well, what did it get you? When the moment of truth arrived, how did you respond?

It’s hard to look right at [that pitch]. I hope you’re happy, Carly Rae. Business Insider has another gif that is also worth your time.